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Job Title:  Janitor

Req ID:  20433
Job Category:  Manufacturing Operations
Country/Region:  US
State:  MO
City:  St. Louis
Zip:  63133

At STERIS, we help our Customers create a healthier and safer world by providing innovative healthcare and life science product and service solutions around the globe.


1.    Provide general labor services to all departments on the premises.

2.    Will perform all work including movement of materials, car and truck loading and unloading, clean‑up and all other unskilled work not otherwise set out in jobs listed in higher labor grades.

3.    Must be able to perform the work associated with maintaining a clean, safe and attractive work environment. This includes aisle ways, stairways, lavatories, lunchroom and plant office floors. Waste containers must be emptied daily and returned to the designated areas.

4.    Must be capable of using whatever cleaning equipment is provided for performing his/her duties in an efficient manner.

5.    The Company reserves the right to initiate on‑the‑job training programs for employees in this classification in order to upgrade them for assignment to other classifications. If ability of employees in this classification is relatively equal, then seniority will be the governing factor for on‑the‑job training.

6.    Is responsible for keeping equipment and surrounding area clean at all times.

Duties - cont'd
  1. Under the direction and monitoring of department supervisor is responsible for the training of a replacement Janitor/GSW.
  1. Must maintain written and/or electronic records as required by management (i.e. cGMP and ISO procedures).
  1. Must exercise extreme caution in order to not damage material or property while operating equipment and must at all times exercise extreme caution for the safety of other employees.
  1. Is responsible for removing accumulated hazardous wastes from laboratory and other areas and for transporting such wastes to the hazardous waste storage area.
  1. Is responsible for the application or placement of Certificates of Analysis on finished product(s) at the Distribution Center or designated area.

    12. Performs other duties as directed by supervisor.

Education Degree
  • High School Diploma or GED
Required Experience
  • May be expected to move, carry and lift approximately 100 pounds.  May be expected to climb heights of approximately 18 feet. Stand for long periods of time.
  • Must be able to walk and stand for long periods of time.  Must be able to wear personal protective equipment, as required.
  • Ability to access all parts of all production equipment, including, but not limited to the following:  confined spaces; ceiling mounted equipment; equipment in pits, machines that must be climbed, crawled under or otherwise entered with limited access.
Pay Data

$15.11 Per Hour


STERIS plc is a $3B, publicly traded (NYSE: STE) organization with more than 12,000 employees worldwide.

STERIS strives to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.