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Job Title:  Lab. Technician

Req ID:  18440
Job Category:  Manufacturing Operations
Country/Region:  IT
State:  BG
City:  Seriate
Zip:  24068

Laboratory Technician


To support laboratory activities according to STERIS Procedures and Best practice, in collaboration with Laboratory Manager, Laboratory Area Officer, Laboratory Supervisor and other Laboratory Technician



Minimum requirements and skills:

- Team work attitude;

- Good Knowledge in Micrisoft Office applcations;

- Maintain good relationship with Lab Team and QA Team.


Position Summary
Duties - cont'd
Education Degree
    Required Experience


    Duties and Responsibilities:

    1. To perform samples handling, preparation of media and related forms and documents filling, preparation and signature according to LAB requirements and STERIS procedures, in compliance with stated and defined methods, with high level of quality, in an accurate and timely way.

    2. Towork in compliance of all activities with STERIS Safety and Encironmental procedures and requirements (HSSE STERIS procedures); to report incidents and near miss incidents.

    3. To support LAB TECH in sample handling (verification, unpacking, sorting and identification);to prepare samples for analyses managing correct traceability; in compliance with stated and defined methods, with high level of quality, in an accurate and timely way; to perform simple test using instruments on not Medical Device samples.

    4. To monitor storage level and expiration date of media, reagents and consumables including proper storage conditions.

    5. To dispose used samples, media, exhausted products, waste material, according to law requirements and LAB procedures, dividing them, when applicable, per category (plastic, paper, glass, metal)

    6.To guarantee correctness and proper use of instruments, ordinary verificaztion of instruments performance, ordinary maintenance of instruments and cleaning of areas.

    7. To perform daily cleaning of glassware, lab devices and laboratory working areas.

    8. To perform weekly cleaning of all laboraory spaces, storage and incubators areas in collaboration with the other LAB TECH, according to the agreed and approved scheduling.

    9. To support the preparation and introduction of media, samples and equipment to be usedin Clean Room.

    10. To participate in active way to training activities with the aim to increase your skills, to increase your participation in the organization of the laboratory activities, through a continuous of the capacity to hoghlight the problems, to communicate them to your responsible and by proposing solutions.

    11. To adoptimg all STERIS Quality, Lean, Safety and Environmental procedures, according to the continuous improvement approach.

    12. To provide support in NC investigation and CAPA implementations.

    13. To notice any failure of instrumentation to LAB AO or Metrological Department.

    14. To Collaborate with QA Department